Mikkelsen Talks His “Fantastic Four” Audition

Beloved “Hannibal” and “Rogue One” actor Mads Mikkelsen has long been a name suggested by fans for the role of the “Fantastic Four” villain Doctor Doom. It turns out that at one time he came pretty damn close to playing it.

Speaking with ShortList this week, Mikkelsen revealed that he actually auditioned for a role in Josh Trank’s disastrous 2015 reboot of the property and then walked out of the audition:

“I think I walked out on the Fantastic Four [audition]. I think I actually said, ‘I can’t do it. It’s not about you, I’m sorry, this is wrong.’ I’ve had tons of them. We’ve all been there. We all show up and it’s a little office room with a desk and some books and they want you to do a scene where you have two lines – maybe not even two lines – maybe just ‘Bleurgh!’ or ‘Get back!’ And you’re hiding behind a palm tree that’s not there. It’s like, ‘Guys, couldn’t you have picked a different kind of scene to this? This is [frick]ing mad.’ You feel like an idiot.”

20th Century Fox and Trank did ultimately cast the character quite a bit younger than expected, unfortunately the results have now gone down as one of the most disastrous superhero films of the past decade.