Mikkelsen Talks “Hannibal” Second Season

Having had great success in the past few years from “Casino Royale” and “After the Wedding” to “The Hunt” and “Valhalla Rising,” actor Mads Mikkelsen is also delivering a fascinating reinterpretation of Hannibal Lecter on NBC’s underrated and under watched “Hannibal” series.

Attending the recent Marrakech Film Festival, Mikkelsen spoke about the latter with The Playlist, saying “ideally it’s six months” in terms of filming a thirteen episode season of “Hannibal”, though that doesn’t always work out. He was asked what he could tell us about the second season:

“Not much because it’s a secret other than the character of Will Graham is now in jail, the tables are turned and he has to play me now to see if he can get out. The question is how much I’m aware of that. it’s quite explosive and quite dramatic what happens in the second season.”

More enlightening were comments about the overall job which he sounds like he’s enjoying. He previously starred on a Danish series which he found frustrating because his film work with Nicolas Winding Refn had been “sharp and radical” while Danish TV censorship meant that the show had “round corners” and was thus limiting.

He has no such problems with his American series commitment – “What we are doing on ‘Hannibal’ is not so rounded … it’s quite radical.” He goes on to talk about filming the part:

“A really interesting experience, and very hard work. TV is obviously so different from film, because it’s a never-ending process it keeps going, you keep receiving new pages. it’s so different film when you have a script that goes from there to there and you work out how to do it and then you do it.

But with TV we don’t necessarily know, where there, it’s somewhere out there, so we can’t make the same course. But we can explore a character that will go on for a long time in a different way, so I’ve enjoyed it tremendously.

A lot of these shows (which I’ve not seen) seem to be about a bad guy that’s taking out really bad people, it’s the justice of mankind. With Hannibal that’s not the case, he’s taking out really, really nice people! Obviously, it’s based on the book but I call him a fallen angel: he sees beauty in what he does, he sees art in it. “

Finally he was asked if he had talked with Anthony Hopkins about the role – “No, I did not wish it.” The next season of “Hannibal” is expected to air around the second quarter of 2014.