Mike Tyson, Michael Keaton And Sequels

Director Todd Phillips tells MTV News that Mike Tyson is keen on being involved in the upcoming “The Hangover” sequel.

“I’ve got to find something for him because he’s been texting me. I’ve got to figure it out. we’re going to find something for Mike” said Phillips over the weekend.

Another star who’d like to be a part of a sequel is Michael Keaton. Moviehole asked the actor if he’d be up for returning for a “Beetlejuice” sequel to which he responded “Oh I’d do that in a heartbeat – absolutely, that’s the one thing I’d love to do again…That’s the only one I’d love to do.”

Keaton revealed that he’d discussed the possibility with Tim Burton back in 2005, saying “we both talked about it, and I think there was a script written once years ago that wasn’t quite it. I would consider that, yeah, a lot. I would seriously consider that.”

The comments followed similar sentiments expressed last month by actress Geena Davis who said she’d be interested, but her age may be an issue as her ghost character technically shouldn’t have grown older. Keaton faces no such issue due to his character’s heavy make-up.