Mike Myers’ Del Close Biopic Stalls

Mike Myers’ planned biopic about Second City’s Del Close is on hold with financing for the film falling apart and Myers now exiting the work.

Myers had planned to star in the film, but with him out producers will now regroup and recast the lead as they figure out what to do next. It certainly means production will not take place this year as originally planned.

The film follows an aspiring comedian who is taken under the wing of Close, the legendary and feared teacher within Chicago’s Second City comedy troupe (that produced alum like Bill Murray, Tina Fey, and Dan Aykroyd). Close was notorious for pushing his students to their limit.

What begins as a disastrous relationship ultimately transforms each of them. Nick Torokvei penned the script with Betty Thomas slated to direct and Diane Alexander, Robert Teitel, Thomas and Ron West will produce.

John Malkovich has reportedly shown interest in playing Close.

Source: Deadline