Mike Epps Talks The Richard Pryor Biopic

Appearing at the Television Critics Association on Saturday to promote the upcoming “Uncle Buck” sitcom, actor Mike Epps spoke about the Lee Daniels-directed Richard Pryor biopic in the works which he’s slated to star in.

In a surprising reveal, Epps spoke about the amount of classic standup we will see in the film: “50% of the script is performances. I can’t give it all up but a lot of his bits and routines that we are familiar with is what we’ll be seeing in the film.”

Speaking about his director, Epps says: “Lee Daniels is one of those directors, he likes it real, he likes it gritty. The content has definitely changed. It’s a lot more dark, it’s a lot more fun. You know what Lee Daniels brings to a film.”

Epps’ background as a standup comedian came in handy as he delved back into Pryor’s history: “Studying Richard Pryor for this role, I have learned so much about who he is. I’ve learned so much about comedy. I learned that I’m not as crazy as I claim that I am. This dude was a genius and he sacrificed himself, I think literally, to make everyone laugh in the world.”

Bill Condon penned the script while Eddie Murphy, Oprah Winfrey, Tracy Morgan and Kate Hudson co-star in the film. “Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?” is set to start filming in May.

Source: Slashfilm