Mike Dougherty’s “Trick ‘r Treat” Gets A Sequel

A hit at festivals in 2007, and then mistreated by the studio and dumped direct to disc in 2009 despite the good buzz, talented young filmmaker Michael Dougherty’s cult anthology horror tale “Trick ‘r Treat” may shine again.

The film has grown a sizeable cult audience through disc and VOD, so much so that a sequel has officially been confirmed and will be financed by Legendary Pictures.

The first film had a fan screening last night at the Los Angeles’ Egyptian Theater where Dougherty revealed the news and says the property could live on with a new anthology film every few years.

The iconic burlap sack-wearing Sam would be the connecting tissue of the various stories. Things could still change though as there’s no script at this point, but one thing likely to be included would be a further exploration of Sam’s story.

He also has a message for fans, telling EW:

“This is a sequel which is definitely being made because of fan demand, and because of word of mouth, which has been building for years. it’s not a sequel that’s just being rushed out because the movie had a big opening weekend. This is a sequel that people actually want, which I think is a rarity. I’m just eternally grateful for the fans for the constant, constant support.”