“Midsommar” Gets A 30 Mins+ Extended Cut?

Midsommar Gets A 30 Mins Extended Cut

“Hereditary” director Ari Aster’s R-rated “Midsommar” has been getting rave reviews for its weirdness and lack of shyness, offering up plenty of craziness, gore and horrific imagery – and almost all of it in bright daylight.

It’s also a seriously long affair, the theatrical cut clocking in at a 147 minute runtime which is almost an hour longer than most horror films. In a recent Reddit AMA (via Bloody Disgusting) however, Aster promises to go even further not just with the runtime but also its explicitness.

Asked if any footage might have earned the film an NC-17 rating, Aster replied: “Yes, we had an NC-17 for six weeks. Lots of back-and-forth with them [the MPAA]”.

Oddly enough a good portion of what was cut for the rating wasn’t anything to do with sex, gore or violence, rather it was the frontal male nudity from its leading man Jack Reynor.

Reynor already goes fully nude for a good portion of the film’s theatrical release, but there’s apparently plenty more scenes of sun-drenched Irish willy on a floor somewhere that was cut (unlike most Irishmen).

But there’s plenty more craziness that was also cut and Aster says he’s busy working on an ‘extended cut’ of the film that “will be at least 30 mins longer”. Said 30 minutes will up the dark imagery and brings the film up to the three-hour mark, but it’s not clear if it’s just additional scenes or whole sequences that were cut.

We’ll likely hear more when the official home video announcement for the film comes out from A24 and Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Until then, “Midsommar” is now in cinemas.