Micucci, Waititi, Harmon Get A “Corpse Tub”

Kate Micucci (“The Big Bang Theory”), Sam Huntington (“Rosewood”), beloved New Zealand director Taika Waititi, and “Rick and Morty” creator Dan Harmon will all star in the dark comedy “Corpse Tub” from Company X and MarVista Entertainment.

Micucci and Huntington play a young Midwestern couple who take a chance on moving to L.A. when they find an apartment with impossibly low rent. It’s soon revealed that the former occupant was an enigmatic cult leader (Waititi) who ended his life in the claw-foot bathtub.

Now, a steady stream of his eccentric cult members break into the apartment to kill themselves in the tub in honor of their leader. Unable to afford another move, they soon find themselves inexplicably drawn into the cult.

At the same time they have to deal with a beleaguered LAPD detective (Harmon) obsessed with selling a screenplay based on his own life. Maria Bamford, Mark McKinney, and Rhea Seehorn co-star.

Vivieno Caldinelli directs the film, based on a script by Christopher Hewitson, Justin Jones, and Clayton Hewitson.

Source: Deadline