Microsoft Unveils Project Scorpio Specs

After nearly a year of teasing, Microsoft has finally revealed the specs for its upcoming “Project Scorpio” which aims to be the most powerful game console to date and offer true 4K resolution.

The machine doesn’t have a price, release date or even a final name at this point – but it is confirmed to have a 6 teraflop GPU, a 2.3 GHz Custom CPU and 1 TB of hard drive space (with the ability to add on external HDD space).

There’s also 12 GB of GDDR5 memory and 326 GB of memory bandwidth, a vapor chamber liquid cooling system, a special power delivery system called the ‘Hovis Method’, and UHD Blu-ray playback. All Xbox One games will run on the console.

Essentially it’s a mid-level PC in a console form. The big question is how does it compare to the current most powerful console on the market – the PS4 Pro? Both are eight-core X86 CPUs, and both have 1Tb HDDs.

In the other areas where Scorpio has an edge. Its CPU is 2.3Ghz to the Pro’s 2.1Ghz, its RAM is 12GB GDDR5 to the Pro’s 8GB GDDR5, its 6 teraflop 1172MHz GPU to the Pro’s 4.2 teraflop 911 MHz GPU, and its drive is UHD Blu-ray compared to standard Blu-ray.

Big questions remain though, most notably in the areas of pricing and exclusive games. With Microsoft previously indicating that all Xbox exclusive games will come to PC (as opposed to PS4 which retains exclusivity on its big titles), if the Scorpio is too pricey then will customers simply opt for a custom PC of comparable pricing and with more horsepower and wider gaming library? Expect more details around E3 in June.

Source: Xbox