Microsoft Reverses Xbox One Plans

Following the massive backlash over the past two weeks in the wake of E3, Microsoft has changed its mind regarding the Xbox One and its various features.

Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business president Don Mattrick has scrapped three of the most complained about features of the box – the always online requirements, region locking, and restrictions on used games.

The result is games will be playable in the same way they are on the current 360, actually more so due to the lack of regional restrictions.

However, the decision means several previously announced features have to be scrapped – namely the cloud sharing services. Gone is the ability to let nine family members share a title, the ability to share and sell downloaded games, and disc based games will require the disc to remain in the tray.

The move brings the Xbox One more in line with the Playstation 4, though Sony’s console retains a slight edge in terms of price and physical power. How Xbox’s plans to utilize “cloud processing” now for its games remains uncertain.