Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Loves Xbox

If Apple can make a big fuss about its operating system launches, so can Microsoft. Today the Xbox manufacturer revealed its next big push with Windows 10 which Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users will be available to upgrade to for free upon its release later this year (but will only be free for the first year).

Some major new tech is on offer, the biggest being the at least several years away promise of ‘Microsoft HoloLens’ – goggles which project computer generated 3D elements over the real world around us. It’s essentially trying to deliver the benefits of VR but without the chunky visor or shutting off the rest of the world. The demo video is extremely impressive, but how well that will translate to the real world is hard to say.

There’s also Project Spartan, a new Chrome-style web browser completely separate from Internet Explorer. That browser is also integrated with Cortana, the voice-controlled assistant previously only available on Windows phones, will be made available from Day One on Windows 10.

The big news though is that Windows 10 is set to work in tandem with Xbox One and Xbox Live. Players will be able to capture, edit and share gaming moments with Game DVR, play new games with friends across devices, and play games on their PC streamed directly from their Xbox One consoles to Windows 10 tablets or PCs within their home.

Source: BBC