Michel Gondry Into P.K. Dick’s “Ubik”

Michel Gondry is set to adapt Philip K. Dick’s acclaimed metaphysical sci-fi/comedy novel “Ubik” for Film Rites and Anonymous Content reports Allocine (via The Playlist).

The story follows a man who works at a security firm that specialises in blocking telepathic spying and other paranormal dirty tricks. When a job on the Moon leads to the death of the firm’s head Glen Runciter, fragments of reality begin to slip back into the past.

Soon, messages from Runciter end up appearing all over the place, as do ads for a rare drug named Ubik. The chilling solution to the mystery is quite unexpected.

Steve Zaillian, Steve Golin and Garrett Basch are producing. Celluloid Dreams previously attempted to adapt the book back in 2008.

Gondry’s next project is “The We And I” to shoot this summer, and he’s also working on a Noam Chomsky documentary.