Michael Shannon Joins “Little Drummer Girl”

Michael Shannon has joined the cast of Park Chan-Wook’s upcoming six-part event series adaptation of John le Carre’s “The Little Drummer Girl” for BBC One and AMC.

Florence Pugh (“Lady Macbeth”) stars as an aspiring actress escaping England’s bourgeois dreariness for a holiday in Mykonos. Then a handsome stranger (Alexander Skarsgard), an Israeli intelligence officer, lures her away and uses her to flush out the leader of a Palestinian terrorist group responsible for a string of deadly bombings.

Still uncertain of her own allegiances, she debuts in the role of a lifetime as a double agent in the ‘theatre of the real’. Shannon will play Israeli spymaster Kurtz. Park (“The Handmaiden,” “Oldboy”) will helm all six episodes of the espionage thriller which comes from plenty of the same team behind the acclaimed le Carre adaptation “The Night Manager”.

Shannon will next be seen in the “Waco” event series which also stars Taylor Kitsch and launched this week on the Paramount Network.

Source: Deadline