Michael Nyqvist Is The Villain Of M:I-4?

Michael Nyqvist, the actor who played male lead in the Swedish-language adaptations of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” novels, is rumored to be playing the main villain in Brad Bird’s upcoming fourth “Mission: Impossible” film reports What’s Playing.

A source tells the site that he would play a “very charming, but calculating bad guy. Not your typical spy-film villain”. He also has a brutal extended fight sequence at the end of the film with Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). The talk comes not long after his ‘Girl’ co-star Noomi Rapace reportedly turned down an offer for the female lead role.

Their source also claims a big name is being sought to play the new IMF boss, a small but key role like Anthony Hopkins in the second film. Meanwhile The Wrap reports that Vladimir Mashkov (“Behind Enemy Lines”) has scored a role as a Russian agent.