Michael Moore Announces Next Film

It has been almost six years since Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has done a movie, and with this morning’s announcement of the Toronto Film Festival line-up came word of what his next project will be.

Entitled “Where to Invade Next,” the 110-minute documentary has been been completed in secret and will premiere there next month as part of the Special Presentations category. In a Q&A on Periscope, Moore talked about his aim with the film:

“The issue of the United States in infinite war is something that has concerned me for quite some time, and provides the necessary satire for this film… Now the secret is out: I have a new movie. We’re very excited about having the premiere in Toronto. I’ve been very quiet about the making of this film. You probably haven’t seem much of me… We’ve been very diligent about keeping this under cover… I don’t think there’s any one trigger.

We’ve all been living in this time, certainly post-9/11, and everything that’s going on in this country, in this constant need to always have an enemy – where’s our next enemy? – so we can keep this whole military industrial complex alive, and keep the companies that make a lot of money in business. So I’ve always been a little bothered by that, and so that’s where the comedy comes from.”

No word on when “Where to Invade Next” will hit cinemas though it’s expected out before the end of the year.