Michael Mann Talks His “Comanche” Project

Filmmaker Michael Mann is a patient one, a meticulous planner who takes his time with his films and doesn’t put it in front of a camera until its ready. At the same time he isn’t fastidious to the point of extremism (ala Kubrick) and often has several options on the table to consider at any one time.

Appearing at the Lumiere de Lyon Film Festival earlier this month, the director revealed to NouveLobs (via The Playlist) that he’s considering a western drama in the planning stages – a true story tale about a young white woman kidnapped at ten by a Comanche war band and who subsequently lived most of her adult life with them until she was ‘rescued’ at 34. Ultimately she wasn’t able to adjust to western society:

“There is this other idea that I was offered to do, which is called ‘Comanche.’ The action takes place in 1871. It is a very ambitious [story] that follows four characters whose trajectories will gradually convergeā€¦ In fact, it’s the same story as John Ford’s ‘The Searchers,’ except that film took a lot of very problematic freedoms. Cynthia Parker had nothing to do with the character who was inspired [the one played by] Natalie Wood. She was a wealthy wife and mother of five, in her forties, who did not speak English, ripped from her family to be assimilated by whites. She tried to escape several times, before committing suicide.”

Mann’s Ferrari biopic seems to be on hold for the moment, and if he opts not to go the western route then he may try the science-fiction one.