Michael Mann Is A Big “Joker” Fan

Joker Soars At Box Office Despite Criticism

Filmmakers such as Michael Moore, Scott Cooper and Martin Scorsese have touted their love of Todd Phillips’ DC Comics adaptation “Joker,” and now the roster has been joined by a living legend – “Heat” and “The Insider” director Michael Mann.

Moore and Cooper hosted recent screenings of “Joker” for potential awards consideration, and during his session, Cooper revealed that he wasn’t the original choice to host a recent screening. In fact it was Mann himself who was supposed to moderate but ultimately wasn’t able to attend.

As a result, Cooper read aloud a letter written by Mann with some of the comments he was going to say. Mann says (via Indiewire:

“I love this movie [“Joker”]. I think it’s brilliant and not only Todd’s best film but it’s exciting because it’s on a frontier. And that’s usually where very good things happen. Todd and Scott [Silver’s] screenplay has that relevance that occurs when work is authentic and not derivative.

We find Arthur disturbing and poignant simultaneously. He’s both child victim and adult perpetrator. Both are true, as is the case with most schizophrenics. That both are true is uncomfortable. We find ourselves in a fugue state. It’s counterpoint. It’s why Arthur and the film’s impact sustains so strongly in memory. To build on all of this, and for Joaquin, Todd, and Scott, to impact upon on this powerfully is a difficult accomplishment. Congratulations, Todd!”

Mann’s comments have drawn some minor controversy for their stigmatising of people diagnosed with schizophrenia and the claim that many are “violent perpetrators”. Companies such as MindframeMedia and SANEAustralia are working against community discrimination of people having to deal with serious mental issues like this on a daily basis and both companies have developed the world’s first scriptwriting guides in an effort to end to this kind of misinformation.

Mann is helming the pilot of the HBO Max series “Tokyo Vice” for release next year.