Michael Bay Wields Preston/Child’s “Sword”

Paramount Pictures has picked up the film rights to Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s upcoming novel “Gideon’s Sword” reports Variety.

Preston and Child have published thirteen horror and techno-thriller themed New York Times bestsellers together over the past fifteen years including Brimstone, The Cabinet of Curiosities, Still Life with Crows, Cemetery Dance, Riptide and Thunderhead. Their first collaboration, 1995’s museum monster story “Relic”, was adapted two years later by Paramount into 1997’s “The Relic”.

Most of Preston and Child’s novels feature their memorable FBI profiler character Aloysius Pendergast, including the just released ‘Fever Dream’, however ‘Sword’ marks the first in a new series of books focusing on the character Gideon Crew which will be published next February.

The story follows Crew who, two decades on, gets revenge for the brutal murder of his father. However a mysterious witness to the crime steps forward and offers Crew “the chance of a lifetime”.

Michael Bay will produce the feature through his Bay Films (not Platinum Dunes). A film version of Preston’s recent solo non-fiction novel “The Monster of Florence” remains in development with Tom Cruise’s production company.