Michael B. Jordan On Human Torch Critics

While many have debated the casting of the “Fantastic Four” reboot, the single biggest criticism to come up has been the casting of Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch.

In the comics the character is the brother of Sue Storm (Kate Mara), an origin story that will probably be changed slightly to explain how the Caucasian Mara and African-American Jordan could be related – the most likely explanation being that one of them is adopted.

That hasn’t stopped a huge backlash against Jordan and the film. Some of it has been very thinly disguised racism, whereas others are more upset over what’s seen as yet just one more change to their beloved material in order to bring it to the big screen.

TMZ recently caught up with Jordan and asked him for a reaction to the criticism. Jordan responded to his detractors with just one sentence:

“They’re still going to go see it anyway.”

Comic fans have always argued over certain casting choices. Former Human Torch Chris Evans faced such a backlash when he was cast as Captain America, the actor criticised for not being “blond enough”.

But cross-racial casting in particular brings out its own distinct set of detractors, something we also saw recently with the casting of Laurence Fishburne’s Perry White and Jamie Foxx’s Electro. As has ultimately been proven, if the actor is good in the role then most of the criticism can turn into praise overnight. Will the same happen here?