Michael B. Jordan On “Fantastic Four” Secrecy

Michael B. Jordan’s casting as Johnny Storm in the “Fantastic Four” reboot brought with it plenty of reaction, far more than any of his co-stars, and surprisingly not a lot was gushing despite the young actor’s impressive pedigree.

Subsequently the upset over his casting has died down as concern has grown instead over the project as a whole and how director Josh Trank’s vision seems to be taking a larger than expected departure from the comics.

It has gotten so touchy that a comment from co-star Kate Mara in a magazine interview this week about the film not being based on any of the comic’s storylines had to be quickly followed up by a response from her publicist. Her publicist claimed that Mara was misquoted and actually meant the film was “not based on one comic [storyline], but rather drawn from the entire canon.”

Now, Jordan himself has spoken with MTV News about the film and says the secrecy over it is deliberate:

“We have been pretty much in our own world, that’s really the only way we could get a project like this done. It is so massive, so many moving parts, so many moving pieces, things are changing every day. The script is evolving, [you make] on set decisions on the fly, things are always constantly changing. Me personally, I block out that extra noise and I focus on the job I have to do. It is an important film for all of us… We’re taking it seriously, taking a lot of risks. I think it’s going to pay off.”

Jordan goes on to say he thinks the film will be “grounded and unconventional” and, from the sounds of it, not unlike Trank and Jordan’s work together in “Chronicle”:

“It’s not your typical superhero film, you know, we aren’t looking at this as like, being superheroes. We’re more or less a bunch of kids that had an accident and we have disabilities now that we have to cope with, and try to find a life afterwards – try to be as normal as we can.

We’re trying to make it relatable to people as much as we can [with these] larger than life, larger than this world themes. It’s superheroes! You know, not just superheroes. It’s fiction. You’ve got to ground it as much as you can to make [audience members] feel relatable to these characters, no matter what age they are or what time of their life.”

The talk of a secret San Diego Comic Con appearance by the cast may be premature as Jordan admits even he and his co-stars have yet to see anything from the movie:

“I haven’t even seen anything on set, okay? And I’m here. I’m barely watching playback, so honestly I have no idea about any of that stuff. I think they’re still trying to figure out the direction and what they want to do, so I’m not sure.”

Source: MTV