“M:I – Fallout” Disc Details & Cut Scene

Mi Fallout Disc Details Cut Scene

When Christopher McQuarrie’s “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” hit cinemas, the film scored rave reviews and stellar box-office, but if there was one tiny criticism it’s that two of the key scenes from the film’s trailer did not make it into the final theatrical cut.

Well today one of those scenes has gone online, albeit with a voiceover from McQuarrie rather than the original audio, to tie in with the announcement of the film’s home video release. That sequence? Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) swings through the ceiling of the Grand Palais. In the final film, the scene was cut to shorten the time between the HALO jump and the bathroom brawl sequence.

The clip is part of a deleted scenes montage with optional commentary included on the disc which also has six featurettes, a Foot Chase Musical Breakdown, the documentary “The Ultimate Mission,” storyboards, trailer, isolated score track and three commentary tracks (#1 McQuarrie & Cruise, #2 McQuarrie & editor Eddie Hamilton, #3 composer Lorne Balfe).

“Mission: Impossible – Fallout” hits Digital HD on November 20th and disc on December 4th.