MGM Reboots 80’s Classic “Wargames”

MGM continues with their plans to remake or reboot much of their classic 80’s library with the latest off the rack being John Badham’s classic 1983 Cold War thriller “War Games” getting the treatment reports Deadline.

Seth Gordon (“The King of Kong,” “Horrible Bosses”) has been hired to develop the film to direct and will reportedly be given a wide berth to create a new take on the tale. As computers and technology have advanced so much since the original, this will also likely be taken into account.

The original starred Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy as two school kids with the former finding a backdoor way into the W.O.P.R., the U.S. military’s most advanced computer war-games simulator. What he thought was a game turns out to nearly trigger WWIII and they need the help of the machine’s designer Stephen Falken to stop it from igniting nuclear armageddon on its own.

The film scored three Oscar nominations, made almost seven times its budget at the box-office in North America alone, and practically coined the term ‘firewall’. Reviews were strong at the time and have only grown in stature, particularly for the last twenty minutes set within the NORAD facility.