Metro Games Upgraded For Next-Gen

Deep Silver has confirmed rumours that they and 4A games are set to remaster both video games in the “Metro” series.

“Metro 2033,” “Metro Last Light” and all their respective DLC will reportedly be packaged together for both the PS4 and Xbox One. The rumours label it “Metro Redux” though it could well have a new title by the time of release.

An official announcement is expected before this year’s E3, and they say it “is a lot more exciting than the out-dated material that got leaked.”

This would mark the second official ‘remastered’ previous gen game for the PS4 & XB1 following the release of “Tomb Raider” in January. Talk of potential remasters for “The Last of Us” and the “Mass Effect” trilogy have also come up in recent weeks but have yet to be confirmed.

Source: VG247