“Metal Gear Survive” Requires Pay To Save

Several months on and people still haven’t forgotten and are still talking about the microtransactions and loot boxes scandal in the gaming industry that reached a crescendo with the release of “Star Wars: Battlefield II”.

As a result of it, almost every new game release is coming under scrutiny for anti-consumer and price gouging practices. Now there’s a new target – the just-released “Metal Gear Survive”.

Konami’s new action title has now monetised one of the most fundamental core elements of nearly every game of the past three decades – a save slot. Players have access to just one slot in the game, with three additional character slots locked behind an in-game currency purchase of 1,000 “SV Coins” each reports Polygon.

The gaming outlet says “based on my time with the game, there‚Äôs been no way to earn SV Coins through gameplay” and so to buy the coins you have to pay with 1,000 of the coins equating to roughly $10.

On top of this, the in-game currency can be used to bump up your player’s experience points, unlock more weapons slots and storage packs which are more in-line with the usual microtransactions.

The title has earned a mere 61/100 on Metacritic and has been widely panned, with the same site’s audience score a mere 1.8/10.