Metacritic’s Worst Shows Of 2018

Mcs Worst Reviewed Shows Of 2018

Metacritic has released its annual list of the worst shows of the year, based on aggregate critic scores, with Netflix’s controversial “Insatiable” topping the list with a dismal 25/100.

The drama came under major fire for fat shaming and inspired backlash even before it aired. The same goes for the next drama series on the list, the “Heathers” reboot, which came in third place and again suffered much backlash even before it aired. The full list is as follows:

1. Insatiable (25/100)
2. The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold (35/100)
3. Heathers (40/100)
4. Our Cartoon President (42/100)
5. Reverie (42/100)
6. The Cool Kids (42/100)
7. LA to Vegas (43/100)
8. The Purge (44/100)
9. Hard Sun (46/100)
10. Here and Now (46/100)

Source: Metacritic