Mendes Talks The “Skyfall” Gunbarrel

While “Skyfall” brings back many of the old Bond film staples, one element it doesn’t is the traditional gunbarrel sequence at the start. Instead, the shot appears at the end like it did in “Quantum of Solace”.

Now, speaking with Empire, “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes says he was upset by the fact he couldn’t use it at the beginning. He says: “For me, I love the gunbarrel logo being at the beginning. It’s almost the best bit. Everything is possible in that moment, it’s like Christmas Eve. It was frustrating to be not able to make it work in that way.”

So why couldn’t he use it? “I tried very hard to put the gunbarrel at the beginning and my intention was always to do that. If you see the film, the film starts with Bond walking down a corridor towards camera and lifting a gun. And of course the gunbarrel is him walking, stopping and lifting a gun. When I put the two together, it looked ridiculous!”