Mel Gibson In Darkness Remake

Mel Gibson will star in a remake of the acclaimed six-hour 1985 BBC mini-series “Edge of Darkness” for GK Films reports Variety.

Martin Campbell (“Casino Royale,” “Goldeneye,” “The Mask of Zorro”) helmed the original mini-series and is set to return to the director’s chair for this new incarnation.

Mixing crime drama, political conspiracy and science-fiction, the original followed straitlaced police investigator Ronald Craven (Bob Peck) investigating the brutal killing of his activist daughter Emma (Joanne Whalley).

Craven’s investigations soon lead him into a murky world of Government and corporate cover-ups and nuclear espionage, pitting him against dark forces that threaten the future of life on Earth. The series took some decidedly strange turns in its final episode with the ending that was originally planned (but later dropped) having Craven turn into a tree.

The series was highly influenced by the then reactionary policy of Margaret Thatcher’s administration, the secrecy surrounding the still hotly topical nuclear energy industry, and the budding concerns over a future environmental cataclysm.

“The Departed” and “Kingdom of Heaven” scribe William Monahan is writing the new script which will undergo an extensive re-write to update the content for a contemporary American setting.

Producer Graham King is self-financing the project and is committed to an August production start in Boston. The project marks Gibson’s first starring role in a feature film since 2002’s “We Were Soldiers”.

Remaking acclaimed UK mini-series into US movies is a trend lately – 2003’s “State of Play” mini has become a feature film for Universal Pictures next year. Gibson himself had a supporting role in the failed 2003 American film remake of another acclaimed British mini-series – “The Singing Detective”.