Meirelles Helming Next Jack Ryan?

Fernando Meirelles is the front runner to direct Paramount Pictures “By Any Means Necessary” reports Moviehole.

‘Necessary’ is the next film in the Jack Ryan franchise made popular in the 1990’s and based on the novels by author Tom Clancy.

This film however will not be based on a Ryan book, and will follow the young CIA analyst caught up in global political events. Ryan Gosling is the front runner to play the character.

Meirelles is the acclaimed helmer of Brazillian slum doco “City of God”. It’s his work on the lauded but unconventional “The Constant Gardener”, an adaptation of author John Le Carre’s tale of international corruption, that looks to have lead to his name being linked to the project.

Despite their names being linked, neither Meirelles or Gosling has signed anything as yet.