Megan Fox Talks “Hex” & “Buffy”

“Transformers” babe Megan Fox talked with MTV News about her upcoming role in the Warner Bros. comic book adaptation “Jonah Hex”.

“That movie is gonna be amazing. Its a post-civil war, apocalyptic type Western. The director Jimmy [Hayward] is a lunatic, and he might be a genius. From some of the things I’ve seen him shoot, it’s a badass movie” says Fox.

She adds that her role’s name has been changed several times – “It’s Leila now. She is a prostitute. She’s a good ol’ working girl, and she’s a love-interest to Jonah… of sorts. I mean, it’s by no means a classic type of relationship.”

Meanwhile two days ago a rumor emerged at Cinefools that Fox was being rumored for the titular role in the planned “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” film franchise reboot.

The article listed no source and with the project just announced and casting ages off even if it does get the greenlight, it seemed certainly dubious at best.

IGN talked with producer Roy Lee who said “The rumors of Megan Fox being involved with Buffy are just rumors. As with any film project with a female lead under the age of 30, Megan is the actress that most studios want so it is no surprise her name is mentioned. While I think she would be great for our project, we are still in the early stages of developing the script.