“Meg” Producers Plan “Loch Ness” Movie

After two decades in development, a film adaptation of author Steven Alten’s prehistoric shark film “Meg” has finally been made and is slated for release in 2018.

Speaking with Bloody Disgusting this week, the writer has revealed that a film based on another of his novels – 2005’s “The Loch” – is also in development.

Producer Belle Avery is reportedly working with Chinese producers to get “The Loch” made after their work on “Meg” went so well. Alten says:

“Belle Avery, the lead producer on Meg, is working with her Chinese producers to bring The Loch to the big screen. Screenwriter and director are their first priorities… and they are speaking to some serious talent.”

To date there hasn’t been a definitive Loch Ness Monster movie beyond a couple of family friendly fantasy tales with a kiddie tone. “The Loch” novel is no such tale and follows a marine biologist who seeks out his estranged and on trial for murder father to help recover his own memories as a child of a near-drowning experience in legendary Loch Ness.