“Meg” Opening Is A Lot Bigger Than Expected

Meg Opening Is A Lot Bigger Than Expected

While the trailers were enjoyable, going into the weekend things didn’t look good for the Jason Statham vs. giant prehistoric shark film “The Meg”. Reviews were not kind and tracking suggested the $130 million budget film would only score a $20 million domestic opening.

Well those stormy forecasts have fallen by the wayside as the film’s Thursday night previews pulled in a very respectable $4 million domestically which suggests a weekend haul anywhere from $35-50 million in North America alone.

That’s not all. With the film being a Chinese co-production it has opened in China as well and raked in $16 million after just one day in the Middle Kingdom where Statham is also well known for his work on the “Fast and Furious” films.

Source: Deadline