Meg Finally Has Some Bite

For a while there it seemed “Meg”, the film adaptation of Steve Alten’s fictional tale about a giant shark, had washed away.

In reality it, like many projects stuck in development hell, fell off the radar due to the costs involved and a shift in focus for New Line – a distributor which has cut back of late on its film slate.

Not helping as well was the subject matter, a film about a giant shark, entailing a lot of pricey visual effects which pushed the original planned $75 million budget to as high as estimates of $150 million.

Its fate also depends on three other costly New Line projects “Inkheart,” “Rush Hour 3” and “The Golden Compass”. With so much coin in development, New Line is understandably not keen to fork out on another expensive tentpole picture.

Nevertheless things seem to be getting underway with a Spring shoot leading through to a Summer 2008 release at the earliest. Helmer Jan De Bont (“Speed”, “Twister”) remains attached to the project and tells Variety he has “no doubt Meg will swim”.