McQuarrie Won’t Do “Star Wars” Due To Fans?

There’s been a lot of talk about the increasing levels of awareness of the toxicity in genre fandoms of late, specifically tied to both the “Star Wars” franchise and the superhero genre overall.

One person who has had an increasingly strong online presence in recent years is writer/director Christopher McQuarrie. The noted “The Usual Suspects” and “Edge of Tomorrow” scribe caught attention with 2012’s better than expected “Jack Reacher ” which he both penned and directed. He followed that up helming 2015’s “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” which is arguably the best in the series according to quite a few critics.

He returns with “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” later this month and his name has been potentially linked with the “Man of Steel” sequel in recent years. However, the chances of his involvement in Superman or any other caped crusader adventure seems to have dwindled overnight following an exchange with some haters of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

It began when ‘Last Jedi’ director Rian Johnson suggested that anyone interested in writing and filmmaking follow McQuarrie’s feed where he occasionally answers questions. McQuarrie soon after posted a tribute to “Twilight Zone” creator Rod Serling and discussed Serling’s ability to include progressive and socially conscious messages into genre stories.

One fan chimed in with a ‘SJW nonsense should be banned from all fiction’ argument to which Johnson responded: “Um… if you’re using Serling as an example of sci-fi unfettered by progressive social or political messages, I’ve got some… uncomfortable news for you.” Both Johnson and McQuarrie then came under fire from a sea of haters hurling insults, throwing out random quotes, and starting fruitless arguments.

McQuarrie then tweeted to Johnson: “My friend, After five minutes of this, I don’t know why you’re still on Twitter. I would have loved to make a Star Wars film someday. I’m cured.” Someone then asked McQuarrie if there is any superhero film he would be interested in making, to which he said: “Nah, after tonight I think I’m good.”

Finally someone followed that up with a comment saying it’s a shame we’ll be denied seeing a Chris McQuarrie superhero film, to which he responded: “Much appreciated. And it saddens me, too. I consider myself first and foremost an entertainer. I work for the audience. Tonight I found people I could never work for.”

The mess follows on from a hullabaloo several weeks ago in the wake of the release of “Solo” and ‘The Last Jedi’ in which stars of the films have left social media due to online harassment and abuse and the entire fandom has come under fire for not policing its own toxic trolls.

J.J. Abrams is helming “Star Wars: Episode IX,” the next film in the series which is due out in eighteen months. Filming is about to begin later this month and SW News Net reports that sequences will be filmed at Cardington Airship Sheds in Bedforshire – the same place scenes of the Yavin IV Rebellion base were shot for both 1977’s “Star Wars” and more recently “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.

Source: Syfy