McQuarrie Visits No Man’s Land

“The Usual Suspects” scribe Chris McQuarrie, who recently did the WWII project “Valkyrie,” is turning his attention to that other Great war reports Variety.

Battlefield drama “No Man’s Land” is a big budget WWI epic using three fictional characters to illustrate the complex reasons why the various European powers chose sides to fight, and how the use of machine guns, tanks and other technology led to unimaginable carnage.

The three characters are an American ambulance driver in France who joins the French Foreign Legion and eventually fights for the Americans when the U.S. enters the war; a British soldier wrongly accused of cowardice; and a German soldier mired in the trenches.

2929 Prods. and Spitfire Pictures will produce the film. McQuarrie will complete the script before directing “The Stanford Prison Experiment” for Maverick Films and Infinity Features.