McQuarrie Uncovers Florence Monster

“The Usual Suspects” and “Valkyrie” scribe Christopher McQuarrie will write and produce two project – “The Champions” and “The Monster of Florence” for United Artists.

Douglas Preston, who co-writes the popular Pendergast novels such as “The Cabinet of Curiosities” and the previously adapted “Relic”, authored the 2006 non-fiction New York Times Best-seller ‘Monster’ which concerns a true series of incredible events in the author’s life.

Shortly after moving his family to Italy in 2000, Preston learned that an olive grove on their property had been the scene of a brutal murder. Teaming with Italian journalist Mario Spezi, Preston began investigating the crime, which was part of a series of eight double homicides between 1968-1985.

The pair became embroiled in a web of intrigue that grew all the more sinister when they themselves were implicated by the authorities for the slayings.

In a press release issued by the studio, McQuarrie says his adaptation will deal more with the writers uncovering and becoming a part of this grim story than focusing on the serial killer himself.

Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen (“American Beauty,” “Milk”) will produce.