McQuarrie Talks “Edge of Tomorrow 2,” MI6

With “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” hitting Blu-ray and DVD this week, the film’s writer/director Christopher McQuarrie has done some press rounds to talk about the reception to his acclaimed work on that fifth entry in the action franchise.

During an interview with Collider, he was asked about both his preparations on the sixth installment as well as his work on the follow-up to one of Tom Cruise’s other recently acclaimed works which McQuarrie wrote – “Edge of Tomorrow”.

At last report, Cruise had an idea for a sequel to the essentially self-contained “Edge of Tomorrow” which he pitched to McQuarrie, director Doug Liman and co-star Emily Blunt. Both McQuarrie and Blunt later said they were quite impressed with the pitch. Now, it seems things have progressed with McQuarrie saying this week: “We have the idea for the sequel locked and loaded… I don’t know what I can say. I can only say it’s a going concern.”

McQuarrie’s attention right now is mostly focused on the next ‘Mission’ with the pressure on him to top his previous film: “Look, we definitely have to raise the bar, we’ve got to do that every time. And we have an idea for one sequence in particular and it’s one we’re very, very excited about. It’s going to be incredibly challenging to do, and we’re very excited.”

That sequence is speculated to be a sequence originally designed for ‘Rogue Nation’ that they decided not to use but hoped to revisit in a future chapter. The scene involved Ethan Hunt being trapped in the middle of a glass corridor walkway between skyscrapers as enemies close from either side. He would then use the glass breaking device from ‘Rogue Nation’ to shatter the entire bridge.