McQuarrie Plans Re-Team With Ferguson

Mcquarrie Plans Re Team With Ferguson

Filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie is riding high on the success of “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” which has cemented the franchise’s recent run of critical and commercial success and helped establish the fact that McQuarrie is one of the top action directors working today.

He’s also responsible for helping the world realise the talent of Rebecca Ferguson, the actress whose scene-stealing Ilsa Faust character from the most recent two M:I films has been so popular that there’s even been talk of a spin-off. Speaking to Collider this week, McQuarrie shot down those rumors saying:

“Rebecca and I have talked about it, [producer] Jake Myers and I have talked about it, Tom [Cruise] and I have talked about it, it’s this … the spinoff, when we talked about it was like, what would the movie be? We’ve talked about many ‘Mission’ spinoffs, it’s not just about Ilsa. ‘Mission’ is so much about the exploits of this character. What would the spinoffs then be shaped like? Would they still be ‘Mission: Impossible’ movies? So much of what defines ‘Mission’ is the fact that Tom Cruise is doing all of these crazy things.”

While a solo Isla Faust film ain’t happening, McQuarrie has plans to work with Ferguson again on another film:

“Rebecca and I were talking about it, and I said, ‘I’ve got a better idea. You’re Rebecca, like let’s give you your identity,’ and I’m developing stuff with Rebecca to be Rebecca. And that’s what I would like to see. I feel like if you make an Ilsa spinoff, it would always be like, ‘When’s Ethan gonna make his cameo?’ And the thing that’s not to be underestimated about the role of Ilsa Faust, is that she is played by Rebecca Ferguson, who is a star. And it is a star that a lot of people haven’t figured out, haven’t woken up to that fact.”

So what can he tell us about the project? Not a lot, but when asked what he’s doing next he further talks about the film with Ferguson and confirms it’s a remake of.. something, and it’s one he hasn’t written:

“I have the thing, it’s that thing. It’s the other one that I can’t get made, it’s for her. And I’m like, ‘Just do it, it’s so good.’ It’s so good. I didn’t write the script. It’s so good. [I was] crying at the end. It’s a remake, and it’s so good. It’s a remake. And I’m one who’s like, ‘Don’t remake movies, unless,’ and it’s a very good movie, but a deeply flawed one, and you could just make a little change and put Rebecca Ferguson in and it’d be awesome.

This movie was completely scalable, I can make this movie for a fraction of what [‘Fallout’] cost… But the biggest version of this movie isn’t that big, and I said, ‘Just tell me what the budget is and I’ll back into it.’ Because I’ve learned my lesson, from trying to go to them with my dream movies, which can’t really be done.”

Ferguson has “The Kid Who Would Be King,” “Men in Black 4” and “Doctor Sleep” on the way along with the currently in development “Dune”.