McQuarrie Helms “Ice Station Zebra” Remake

“Jack Reacher” writer/director Christopher McQuarrie has come onboard to pen and direct the Cold War thriller remake “Ice Station Zebra” at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Based on the novel by Alistair McLean (“Where Eagles Dare,” “The Guns of Navarone”), the original 1968 John Sturges-directed feature begins when a spy satellite containing a highly valuable payload comes down in the Arctic Circle just north of Greenland.

A U.S. nuclear submarine stationed in Scotland is sent to rescue the personnel onboard a civilian weather station in the same area, the captain (Rock Hudson) forced to bring along a British intelligence agent (Patrick McGoohan), a Russian defector (Ernest Borgnine) and a troop of marines who have their own top secret mission – get to that payload before the Soviets do.

How this will affect “Mission: Impossible 5” is unsure as McQuarrie has long been the favorite to direct it, but the film’s production schedule remains unsure. McQuarrie is also attached to numerous other projects in different capacities.

He recently worked on the script for the Tom Clancy adaptation “Without Remorse,” is still trying to get an adaptation of Douglas Preston’s non-fiction work “The Monster of Florence” made, and the live-action adaptation of 70’s Japanese anime property “Star Blazers”.

Source: Heat Vision