McKellen Talks Playing Sherlock Holmes

One of the most exciting projects being readied at the moment is Bill Condon’s adaptation of Mitch Cullin’s “A Slight Trick Of The Mind”.

Set in 1947, Ian McKellen plays a long-retired Sherlock Holmes. Holmes now lives in a sleepy Sussex village with his housekeeper and her amateur-sleuthing son.

The famous Baker Street detective is haunted by an unsolved fifty year old case involving an angry husband and his unstable wife, a case of which he only remembers fragments. Speaking with Empire recently, he briefly discussed the project:

“it’s a charming book. That’s going to be my next job, when I’m finished on Broadway and I’m back with Bill Condon again, who I did Gods And Monsters with, and I’ll be filming in London, which will be wonderful.

I’ve never had ambitions to play Sherlock Holmes, but this is Sherlock in a very particular place… he’s nearly 100 years old, and in retirement, and it’s more about being a beekeeper than it is being a detective.”

He was also amusingly asked whether he has seen the BBC series take on the Holmes stories starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman:

“Of course, of course! I wanted to look at this Martin Freeman chap as Doctor Watson. I’ve met Benedict a couple of times. I knew his father, Timothy Carlton, when we were both quite young, and I remember him telling me that his real name was Cumberbatch. ‘But of course I had to change it because you could never be successful with a surname like that.'”