McKellen Talks “Hobbit” Progress

Sir Ian McKellen tells Empire Online and UK’s Channel 4 that the script for both “The Hobbit” films have been delivered to him.

“Then they’ll be budgeted, and then they’ll be cast. And they’ll be going when they’ve always said they would be, which is next spring – March or April” said McKellen.

The beloved thesp has already been in touch with the film’s director Guillermo del Toro, saying “We’re going to film for 383 days.’ He’s got that artistic autism! Jackson’s the same; they’re very, very, very alike. They also very different, but they’ve so much in common. They both can’t stand Hollywood and have wonderful imaginations, and they’re both obsessed with gore and fantasy. Both of them laugh a great deal. Guillermo’s one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever met. “

McKellen added that “Lord of the Rings” cast members will be returning, but he doesn’t know who will play Bilbo.