McKay, Ferrell, “Loop” Writer Plan A New Comedy

Coming off the Oscar nominated success of his GFC comedy/drama “The Big Short” and his work on the script for “Ant-Man,” filmmaker Adam McKay has spoken about his potential upcoming projects with one of them seeing his re-teaming with his “Step Brothers” and “Talladega Nights” co-stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

In a new The Director’s Cut podcast released this week but recorded late last year at the DGA studios in Los Angeles , McKay sat down for a half-hour interview with questions being asked by none other than “There Will Be Blood” and “Inherent Vice” filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson. In the funny conversation, McKay says he plans to continue his new polticial and social edge in his comedies – this time taking on anti-immigration rhetoric:

“I’m actually talking with [Will] Ferrell and John C. Reilly about doing a comedy about two guys who go down to defend America’s borders against the immigrants, and I’m pretty excited about it. We actually have Jesse Armstrong who wrote ‘In The Loop’- [he’s] delivering a draft, I think, next week.”

He also says he plans to continue shooting in the more handheld ‘cinema verite’ style he first tried out with “The Big Short”:

“I was amazed you could get good laughs [with that style]. The theory in comedy is that you have to frame very traditionally so the performance or the logic is what gets the laugh, but I dunno, I’m thinking with this next movie going more handheld than I’ve ever gone.”

McKay and Anderson also talked about how Anderson was the original producer on the first “Anchorman” film (which McKay directed) and how they submitted a super early first draft of the script for him to consider:

“PTA was the original producer on the first ‘Anchorman’ and Will and I wrote the craziest frickin’ script. It had, like, a musical number with sharks; it was just unhinged. And poor Paul was so supportive and such an artist, and he just read it and was like, ‘I don’t…know what this is. So Will and I bragged that we singlehandedly destroyed PTA’s producing career.”

McKay’s “The Big Short” is now in cinemas.

Source: The Playlist