McGregor on “Goats”, Zahn on “Treme”

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Men Who Stare At Goats
Asked about his next film after “Angels and Demons”, Ewan McGregor went into great detail on his role: “I play a journalist, at the beginning of the film whose wife, who’s also a journalist in this small newspaper in Ann Arbor – The Ann Arbor Daily Telegram cheats on him with her one-armed editor, Dave. And I see her flirting with him. But then she comes clean, and she’s going to leave me for this one-armed man, Dave.

I, in my misery, take myself to Iraq. it’s the beginning of the Iraq War. And I go to become embedded, but all I do is end up in a swanky hotel in Kuwait, and can’t get into Iraq. I’m not embedded with any troops, so I’m stuck in this four-star hotel, having wanted to prove my manhood by going to war, you know? Where I meet George Clooney’s character, and we embark on a kind of road trip through Iraq, looking for his buddies in this strange and secret section of the American Army.

it’s a very funny film, and I had such a lovely time working with George, and with Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey. And it was the four of us, and it was just hilarious. It was great fun…We filmed it in – we filmed a lot of it in Puerto Rico. [LAUGHTER] Because it looks so much like Iraq…” (full interview)

Untitled Ayelet Zurer Project
Talking about “Angels and Demons”, acclaimed Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer says she’s working on her own project: “I optioned rights for a book, and I’ve been developing it. And as I was working on Angels and Demons and talking a lot to Tom, I discovered how he had created Forrest Gump and later on, Castaway.

Then I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, he really – he took it – he took about four to six years on each of the projects.” And I thought to myself, “That’s really what I want to do. I want to become that” you know, I was just influenced by that. I said, “This is what I want to be. I want to be doing what I’m doing, but I really wanted to create more.” And so since I had those rights for a while, and I didn’t do anything with them, I started writing. And it’s kind of coming together really nicely…” (full interview)

In a surprisingly candid interview about mixing farm life with acting gigs such as the opening Jennifer Aniston rom-com “Management”, Steve Zahn also brought up his next gig in the upcoming HBO series from ‘The Wire’ showrunner David Simon: “It takes place, like, two months after Katrina. And it’s kind of the rebuilding of the culture and life there, after through the eyes of these jazz musicians. And the Treme is a neighborhood off the French Quarter.

I play this kind of really smart deejay guitarist songwriter. But he’s really an infamous guy there, and is – you know, angry and bitter, but is just really eccentric. Kind of the voice of the jazz scene, you know? He’s their spokesperson… we’re going to start shooting – because we have to shoot after the hurricane season, for insurance reasons, I guess. I don’t know. But we start in November…” (full interview)