McG To Build A “Puzzle Palace”

Out promoting his action-comedy “This Mean’s War”, McG spoke with Collider and revealed that “Puzzle Palace” is looking to be his next project.

“it’s a picture I might make next. That’s with David Guggenheim, who’s a fantastic screenwriter, just did a picture with Tony Scott. His brother is Mark Guggenheim. That’s my answer to Die Hard. I love pictures of that nature. it’s about a kid who has to restore his dad’s good name by breaking into 1 Police Plaza in New York, which is effectively the most secure building in the world after 9/11” says McG.

McG is also producing “Tink” which he says has a script ready and is awaiting the blessing of the heads at Disney. He’s also still linked with the likes of “The Girl Who Conned the Ivy League,” “Spring Awakening” and “Dead Spy Running” in various capacities.