McG Talks The “Charlie’s Angels” Reboot

Since its original incarnation’s success on television in the 1970s, there’s been an attempt to revive the “Charlie’s Angels” property every few years. Sometimes it’s a success – such as filmmaker McG’s first film from 2000 which scored good notices and healthy box-office.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out though – like his sequel ‘Full Throttle’ or the ill-fated 2011 TV reboot. With talk of the franchise being revived once again, this time as another tentpole film at Sony Pictures, McG was asked this week by Collider about how it feels to be at a point in his career when arguably his most well-regarded film is being remade:

“That’s just life. I always identify as a young person, but I’ve been around a little bit now. I’m not longer the youngest guy doing it. It’s interesting. That one makes me smile and makes me happy because I love Elizabeth Banks (who’s signed on to direct). We’re all stewards of any one given moment. I was happy to be the steward of that moment, and there’s now a new steward. That’s cool.

Right now, somewhere, there are three girls striking the Charlie’s Angels silhouette and taking a picture in their high school gym. It’s cool that it’s that archetypal and that eternal. I look forward to seeing what that new expression of it is. We wanted to be deferential to the TV show, so we created our own thing. I’m sure, to whatever degree, they’ll be cognizant of what we did and create their own thing. It’s totally cool.”

At last report Evan Spiliotopoulos (“The Huntsman: Winter’s War”) has signed on to write the new film which has Elizabeth Banks slated to direct.