McG Talks Supernatural and Chuck

Director McG has hinted that there’s more to the rumors that Jason Voorhees will make an appearance on an upcoming episode of The CW’s “Supernatural” which he produces.

Despite reports a few months back saying the plan had been nixed due to legal rights with New Line, McG revealed to iF Magazine that “It’s a giant surprise in relation that, so you have to stay tuned for that. I can’t even talk about that. That show, we go to such lengths to hold on to the mythology and be respectful of the secrets and twists and turns. And [creator Eric] Kripke has that all figured out and it’s going to surprise you.”

As for “Chuck”, McG said the revelation of a new intersect being created will come into play in future episodes – “that’s the dominant idea that will be serviced in the balance of the season.” That show has aired all its backlog so far, new episodes won’t be created until after the writer’s strike is resolved.