McG Planning “True Lies” TV Series For Disney+

Mcg Plans True Lies Tv Series For Disney

Filmmaker McG has already had a go at the world of James Cameron when he took the reins of “Terminator: Salvation”. Though not considered a good film, it is held up in much higher esteem than the subsequent follow-up “Terminator: Genisys”.

Having found success recently in lower budget fare on Netflix, McG is now having another go – this time with a TV series adaptation of Cameron’s iconic 1994 action-comedy “True Lies”. Speaking to Collider, McG confirms he’s currently developing a “True Lies” series for the Disney+ streaming service.

“Well, right now my new thing for television is I’m doing ‘True Lies’ at Disney… which is exciting. I’m writing that one, which is very exciting, because I’m so passionate about that story where you think you know your partner but you don’t.”

Will it be a sequel thus allowing a cameo from actor Arnold Schwarzenegger? McG says: “There’s talk of that. It’s largely rebooted but there may be a spot there, we’ll see.” He confirms he’s received the go-ahead from Cameron and right now he’s: “just breaking the outline, just getting it going… I’ll spend the summer writing that.”

Schwarzenegger plays a secret agent in the film who struggles to find the right balance between his work and family life, where he has to lie to his wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) about his professional activities. It, along with “The Abyss,” remain the key two Cameron films not yet available on Blu-ray or 4K.