McG Planning To Get “R.I.P.D.”?

McG (“Charlie’s Angels,” “Terminator Salvation”) was said to be circling “R.I.P.D.” at Universal Pictures as a future project reports Pajiba.

Ryan Reynolds is attached to star a young cop murdered in the line of duty who agrees to enlist in “God’s police force” for a chance to catch his killer. The action follows a regular day in the life of him and his partner, a gunslinger who himself has been dead for centuries.

Last week McG was looking likely to make the film as his next directorial effort, however Fox’s rom-com “This Means War” has picked up enough steam that he has immediately begun prepping for it says The L.A. Times.

As a result the studio and producer Neal Moritz are said to be looking for a new director now in the hopes of kicking off filming in the winter. If schedules do push back things to mid-late next year, McG could come back on the project once ‘War’ is finished.