McCullers Directing “Father Knows Best”

“Baby Mama” writer/director Michael McCullers has been hired to pen a new draft and direct an updated film version of 1950’s sitcom “Father Knows Best” for Fox-based New Regency reports The Los Angeles Times.

The radio and later the TV series examined the emerging suburban middle class of the period and presented a Midwestern family of the time with a sagely insurance agent father and his loving housewife offering advice to their three kids. Subsequent shows have borrowed the mold but have used less idealized and more believable portrayals of the family dynamic as it has changed over time.

The film version, when first announced, was described as “a multi-generational story about a father of a suburban family with a modern parenting approach who’s thrown for a loop when his own father, with a different attitude, comes to live with them”.

McCullers is an SNL veteran who also penned several of the “Austin Powers” movies.