McConaughey Praises Nolan’s “Interstellar”

With Matthew McConaughey looking like the favorite to win the Best Actor Oscar in a few weeks, eyes will soon turn towards his next film – Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic “Interstellar”.

Recently speaking with Variety, the actor talked about a two-and-a-half hour meeting with Nolan at his house, a meeting which turned out to be his audition in “Interstellar”. In terms of what to expect from the film itself, the actor says:

“Here’s what I can tell you, It’s the most ambitious thing he’s ever done. And he’s done some ambitious stuff. There’s no fucking around on set. He’s a great problem solver. In that way, he’s very indie. Here’s a guy who could have whatever budget he wants – and we finished shooting early.”

Nolan also gave a quote to article, discussing McConaughey’s work ethic:

“Matthew works from the inside out. He approaches a character from a deep human understanding, refusing to take shortcuts to an emotional connection with the audience – all while never losing sight of the demands of the overall narrative.”