McConaughey On A “Lincoln Lawyer” Sequel

A solid hit both critically and commercially last year, Brad Furman’s adaptation of Michael Connelly’s novel “The Lincoln Lawyer” might be getting a big screen sequel.

The film’s star Matthew McConaughey was asked about the possibility by Collider at the recent “Killer Joe” press junket. His response:

“Man, I hope so. The update is I wish I knew more. The update is I wish I had that second script in my hand already and could have opinions on it and pass on notes. If that next script is [good] and they are working on it, it’s being written I would love to get in Mickey Haller’s shoes again. And that’s probably, of all the characters I’ve done, the one I’m most excited about if it’s good, if the script’s good of carrying on as a character.”

McConaughey adds that they’ll likely use two books (most likely “The Brass Verdict” and “The Reversal”) for the sequel, while Bryan Cranston’s Detective Lankford character will have a much larger role.